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Injuries in soccer matches are not uncommon, often resulting in lengthy recuperation periods, reduced performance, and, in worst cases, inability to participate in future soccer matches. Therefore, wearing protective equipment that can protect and minimize the severity of injury from stray tackles should be of utmost importance to any player, whether professional, amateur, or even parents whose kids are participating in soccer matches. It is for that reason that shin guards are a vital part of the uniform. However, choosing the right shin guard that provides ultimate protection while not hindering performance can be an onus task. Here are some tips detailing factors to consider when buying a shin guard.

The position of the player

Different soccer player positions come with the varying intensity of tackles. To begin with, defenders experience intense tackles, and thus, the shin guard should offer full protection to the shin and the ankles.

For midfielders, the tackles are also intense, but they also need to be able to move around the field quickly. A perfect shin guard is one that offers maximum protection but not bulky to hinder their movement.

For forwards, agility is key, with fewer tackles expected. The key here is to ensure there is ample protection and that the shin guards are light not to weigh down on the player’s speed.

Goalkeepers experience the least tackles, although this does not eliminate the need for shin guards. For top performance, the selected shin guard must be extremely lightweight but capable of providing ample protection in the event of a tackle.

When choosing the shin guard you want to buy, remember first to consider the position and determine whether the shin guard you are holding meets your position’s need.

Height of the player

People are of different heights. Different heights mean that players will have varying shin lengths. One common mistake that people make when buying a shin guard is basing their shin guard choice on the size of the jersey they wear. Wearing an XL jersey does not mean that you can wear your friend’s shin guard, who also wears an XL jersey.

The choice of the shin guard should be based on an individual’s height. A perfect guard is one that starts just inches from the knee and slightly above the ankle. As such, this height can vary even in players wearing the same jersey size, making it impossible to have a one-size-fits-all for the best shin guard for people of a particular jersey size.

Width of your leg

You do not want a shin guard that does not fit into your shin, nor do you want a guard that is too wide that you have to adjust it when in the field continually. The right shin guard should be one that molds comfortably onto your legs such that from the front view, it seems as having covered your whole leg. While it is possible to use your hands to curve the shin guard to fit the width of your leg, this process has the possibility of breaking the shin guard altogether. The key to ensuring you have the perfect width is by trying on the shin guard before purchasing it.


Comfort of the player while in the field is of paramount importance as well. When deciding on the shin guard to buy, one key factor to consider is the accompanying accessories. These include items such as shin guard tape, shin guard stays, ankle guards, and shin guard sleeves.

It would be best to consider which accessories best suits your needs and whether the selected shin guard allows the incorporation of the accessory. This is especially important when deciding on the different types of shin guards, as these will determine the accessory that can be used together with the shin guard. Therefore consider whether the way you want your shin guard to be held in position on your leg and then consider when the selected type of shin guard allows that.

When all is said and done, the ultimate choice depends on the individual buying the shin guard. If it is any reprieve, any consideration should be based on your individual needs as a player. The shin guard should serve to give you an aura of confidence while in the field to bring out that stunning performance that you so want without having to worry much about stray tackles to your shin.

When it comes to baseball, you’re never too old or too young to play the game. This all-time favorite sport has so much to offer, especially to growing children. Parents should encourage their kids to play baseball. More than just an engaging pastime and physical activity, baseball has long-term health, social, and emotional benefits.

Here are five reasons why kids should play baseball:

1. Baseball teaches kids the value of teamwork

It is normal for children to act selfish and think only of themselves. However, when they play baseball, kids will realize that they need to cooperate with other children to win the game. Baseball does not rely on a single member. The game allows them to interact with other kids, share their strategies for winning and apply them together. Children are encouraged to participate and contribute something to the team.

2. Baseball is a good form of exercise

As one of the world’s favorite sports, baseball challenges your kids to flex their muscles and be quick on their feet. There is so much going on in one game. Your kids get to run long distances, swing a bat, catch a ball, and more. Of course, the amount of physical activity would depend on their position in the field. Nevertheless, the sport keeps your kids active and in shape.

3. Baseball sharpens the mind

Professional baseball players frequently make split-second decisions that could break or make their chances of winning a game. Sometimes strategies come up in the middle of the game, and there’s not enough time to inform their teammates. In the same manner, kids who play baseball will learn how to think and act quickly. The sport helps kids devise strategies for winning without the help of others, especially adults.

4. Baseball encourages kids to excel

Like most sports, baseball brings out the competitiveness in you. Kids are easily competitive, so the sport is likely to bring out their desire to win. With proper guidance from the parents and other social agents, this winning desire early in life may give kids the drive to excel in the future. Excellent teamwork and top-notch playing are keys to winning a baseball match.

5. Baseball makes kids happy

Some adults tend to take the game seriously. Kids, for the most part, will just enjoy playing baseball whether they win or lose. Being with kids around their age and conspiring with them, actively running, catching balls, and swinging a bat in a large open space, and knowing that they are part of a fun and exciting game are more than enough reasons to make children happy.

Playing baseball provides kids the holistic development they need while growing up. In the aspect of learning and developing skills, playing the game is like hitting several birds with one stone. Kids become happier and more active, cooperative, participative, and competent. Given these benefits, it’s about time parents let their children play baseball.

Water isn’t fancy, glamorous, trendy or particularly good-looking. Yet, this humble liquid powerfully impacts your health and sustains your life. Your body is 60 percent water, and to ensure its vitality, you need to drink six to eight 8-ounce glasses of H2O (about half a gallon) daily. But did you know that drinking water will do more than keep you hydrated? Here are eight other amazing things that happen when you drink plenty of water every day.

1. Memory Improves

Like gasoline is vital to a car, water is crucial to the brain’s proper functioning. Your gray matter is 80 percent water, so it needs sufficient fluid to work effectively. Even dehydration of only one to two percent can severely affect your short-term memory and concentration.

2. Curbs Mindless Snacking

Your brain can actually confuse thirst with hunger. So, when you’re hit with those mid-afternoon munchies, skip the empty calorie snacks and grab some water instead. It can conquer cravings, and if you drink it before a meal, it can make you feel fuller so that you’ll eat less.

3. Prevents Hangovers

Alcohol is a diuretic, which means that it depletes your body’s fluids and causes dehydration. Dehydration contributes to hangovers by triggering headaches, nausea, and other nasty symptoms. You can ward off hangovers by drinking a big glass of water between rounds and quaffing one or more glasses before bed.

4. Flushes out Toxins

When you drink more water, you’re helping your kidneys efficiently flush out toxins and waste. With adequate fluids, you also reduce the risk of developing a urinary tract infection or painful kidney stones. Want to know if you’re drinking ample amounts water? Just check out the color of your urine. If it’s clear or pale yellow, you’re drinking enough.

5. Your Skin Will Look Better

Drinking sufficient amounts of water can help your skin be smoother, brighter, and more elastic. It may relax wrinkles, reduce under-eye puffiness, and even make you look more youthful. And all without the expense of buying retail skincare products for the same results.

6. Your Body Absorbs Nutrients More Easily

It may sound counterintuitive, but drinking lots of liquid doesn’t wash nutrients out of your body. Instead, it actually helps dissolve food, vitamins, and minerals so that they can be more effectively absorbed. Drink plenty of water to get the maximum benefits from the foods you eat.

7. It Can Help You Lose Weight

Drinking cold water amps up your metabolism because your body has to expend more energy, warming the water to body temperature. This process burns more calories, which aids weight loss. Additionally, water is calorie-free, so you don’t risk weight gain, no matter how much you drink.

8. You’ll Have a Lower Resting Heart Rate

A resting heart rate of 60 – 100 beats per minute can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. When you’re dehydrated, however, your blood is thinner, and your heart has to beat faster as it struggles to circulate blood throughout your body. By drinking water, you make your heart’s job a lot easier.

Drinking water is one of the simplest ways to stay healthy. It’s versatile, easily accessible, and it’s completely free. So if you want to feel better and look better, just add water!

Acupuncture has always been and remains a controversial topic in western medicine, and chances are, if you have reached this article, then you too are probably questioning its legitimacy. You’re probably wondering whether or not it really works. Well, to answer that question in a word – yes. Probably. At least it appears to.

Many studies over the past decade have found similar results; acupuncture is an effective treatment for many chronic pain conditions, and it is now a widely accepted practice in the medical community. There are many schools of thought on exactly why it works (and the limitations of the practice), and there is a distinct difference between Eastern and Western medicine perspectives on the subject.

What does acupuncture involve?

Acupuncture is an ancient treatment over 2,000 years old involving the use of needles as a form of treatment. Over the years, the practice has evolved, but the core principles remain the same.
Needles are inserted into various ‘acupoints’ in the body by a trained practitioner, and then maybe stimulated in various ways such as with electricity, heat, or movement. Typically, around five to twenty needles will be inserted, and the process will usually last for up to thirty minutes.

Is it painful?

Usually, there is little pain involved in the process, though the ability of the acupuncturist and your own pain tolerance level will influence the amount of pain felt. Many people report feeling no pain whatsoever.

How does it work?

Traditional practitioners claim that inserting needles into certain parts of the body can be used to manipulate the body’s ‘meridians’ and alleviate pain. The meridian system is believed in Chinese medicine to be a channel through the body through which ‘life-energy’ (more commonly known as ‘qi’) flows. Neither the concept of meridians nor that of qi are recognized in western medicine.

A common opinion in the western medical community is that the effects of acupuncture are due to the ‘placebo effect’, in which a patient that is convinced of its legitimacy will be more likely to perceive a reduction in pain that may not necessarily have really occurred.

The placebo effect theory has been somewhat discredited by recent studies which have found that patients that receive sham acupuncture treatment are less likely to feel a reduction in pain than those that receive traditional treatment. The statistical difference in effect between the two treatments was small but nonetheless significant.

Another, perhaps more convincing, opinion is that the effects of acupuncture are due to the stimulation of pathways that help to produce endorphins, which function as natural painkillers.

What can it be used to treat?

The most common use of acupuncture is to treat and alleviate chronic pain across the body, but the effects of acupuncture are not limited to this as many studies claim that it is effective to treat a number of other conditions, such as depression, insomnia, anxiety, and IBS. It is also used in certain cases to help alleviate symptoms in cancer patients.

So it works then?

Probably. If you feel you may benefit from acupuncture, your best option is to consult with a doctor or other medical professional to weigh up your options. The practice may not be beneficial for everyone, but if you suffer from chronic pain, it may be a useful option to consider.

As the warmer months approach, you might be thinking about ways to improve your overall health. When most people think of their overall health, activities include things which can be done alone as well as with family and friends. Whether these activities include getting out or staying inside, it requires a bit of planning and motivation. Here are 6 healthy aging tips to help you reach your goals.

Spend more time outside

Plan to spend more time outside with nature. There are many health benefits to getting outside which include improved memory, fighting depression, and keeping your blood pressure in check. Everyone’s body needs sunlight. Most doctors recommend spending at least 30 minutes outside each day. You can take a walk, hike, gardening, or just enjoy sitting out on your patio deck. Remember, the body is designed to get vitamin D naturally from the sun.

Volunteer spare time

Volunteering is an excellent way to give back to others and increase your network of friends. The experience can be rather rewarding when it comes to giving back to others. Find a charity or other organization you want to donate your time to helping others. Make arrangements to visit on the days which works best for you and the organization. Most organizations are thankful for the extra help and time donated by others.

Plan and take a dream vacation

Do you enjoy spending money? There is no greater investment than in yourself. Plan your dream vacation, and invite a friend to go with you. Plan your vacation well in advance, so it will not hurt your savings. Give yourself a monthly budget and stick to it. It might be difficult at first but after a couple of months of smart spending, you will be packing for fun and much-needed vacation.

Eat and think healthier

Eating the right foods is a must for everyone in order to be healthy and functioning at their best. However, the right food goes into your body totally depends on your mindset. Before starting a diet or exercise program, be sure to consult with your health care professional to get the green light. Ask your health provider, if the lifestyle changes you plan to implement is best for you. Eating right does not necessarily mean cutting out the foods you love and enjoy. It does mean making better food choices and knowing how each food provides your body with the proper daily nutrients.

Spend more time with Family

As a senior of the “computer age,” it is definitely possible to spend more time with family members. It seems everyone is connected to their mobile devices and computers. You can use this to your advantage. A visit over the internet can be just as good. Set a time to video chat each week with your loved ones. Younger family members will think it is quite impressive to be able to spend time with you this way. Spending time with loving family members always has a positive effect on one’s self-esteem.

Get tech-savvy/improve cognitive health

Time to get tech savvy. Have you been planning to catch up on the latest gadgets, learn your way around the computer, or upgrade your phone? Now is the perfect time to do it. There are great “apps” available that will make lifestyle eating changes easier. Consider getting together with a friend and getting tech savvy together. It is also a great way to improve cognitive health. Most importantly, take time just to enjoy being able to do some of the things that you love and normally do not get a chance to do.

Without a doubt, playing sports is, for the most part, is an excellent method to improve your wellness and wellbeing. Read along to know more.

A considerable number of people may not feel comfortable treading ceaselessly on a treadmill or burning some calories in the exercise centre. However, we’ll joyfully push around a ball perpetually while playing around or something in that manner.

For a great many people, participating in sport will improve your general wellbeing and prosperity. There are a lot of reasons why you ought to get associated with a sport that builds your muscle and eliminates body fat. Not just that, improving endurance and adaptability is one of the primary reasons why you should take up a sport.

When you hear the word sports, you likely think basketball, baseball, or football. At the point when you read exercise, you may envision rigorous everyday exercises at a rec centre. If you are an individual with fatigue and low energy level issues, you will most likely be unable to partake in sports.

The physical movement through sports and activities will reinforce your musculoskeletal framework and decrease additional weight—the genuine advantage: your joints will turn out to be progressively steady.


Some of the specific benefits of sports and fitness are as follows:

Numerous competitors improve scholastically.

Playing a sport requires a great deal of time and vitality.  Sports require retention, reiteration and learning — ranges of abilities that are legitimately pertinent to classwork. Likewise, the assurance and objective setting abilities a sport requires can be moved to the realm of studies for a sportsperson.

Sports show cooperation and critical thinking abilities.

Battling for a shared objective with a gathering of players and mentors shows you how to fabricate collaboration and viably convey to take care of issues. This experience is useful while experiencing issues at work or home.

Physical medical advantages of sports

Unmistakably, sports can assist you with arriving at your wellness objectives and keep up a healthy weight. Be that as it may, they also empower stable dynamics within the individual, for example, not smoking and not drinking. Sports additionally have concealed medical advantages, for example, bringing down the onset and risk of getting osteoporosis further down the road.

Sports support confidence

Viewing your difficult work pay off and accomplishing your objectives creates fearlessness. Accomplishing a sport or wellness objective urges you to achieve different goals you set. This is a fulfilling and energizing learning process.

Diminish weight and worry with sports

Practising is a unique method to extricate up and let go of your pressures. You can likewise make new companions who can be there for you as an emotionally supportive network. At the point when you feel some tension or arent able to stay focused,  head to the exercise centre with a colleague or friend to talk and play it out.

Diminish weight

Here are some of the additional advantages of partaking is sports and fitness:

  • Playing sports decreases muscle to fat ratio and controls your body weight.
  • Sports permits you to pick up on the fulfilment of building up your wellness and aptitudes.
  • Sports can assist you with battling wretchedness and nervousness.
  • Sports permits you to challenge yourself and set objectives.
  • Playing sports fortifies bones.
  • Sports help coordination, parity and adaptability.
  • Numerous sports can help improve your endurance and fixation.
  • Sports permit you to encounter the highs and lows of both winning and losing!
  • Through sports, you will meet individuals with a comparative enthusiasm to yourself and are probably going to increase numerous new companions.
  • Sports are an incredible path for families to get practice together.


Now that you have a good number of reasons to take up sports and improve fitness, go out and start taking part in some! It’s always important to start small and work your way towards efficiency and competition. And remember- sports will always be an excellent tool for your mental wellbeing, and your physical body will always be grateful to you.