Injuries in soccer matches are not uncommon, often resulting in lengthy recuperation periods, reduced performance, and, in worst cases, inability to participate in future soccer matches. Therefore, wearing protective equipment that can protect and minimize the severity of injury from stray tackles should be of utmost importance to any player, whether professional, amateur, or even parents whose kids are participating in soccer matches. It is for that reason that shin guards are a vital part of the uniform. However, choosing the right shin guard that provides ultimate protection while not hindering performance can be an onus task. Here are some tips detailing factors to consider when buying a shin guard.

The position of the player

Different soccer player positions come with the varying intensity of tackles. To begin with, defenders experience intense tackles, and thus, the shin guard should offer full protection to the shin and the ankles.

For midfielders, the tackles are also intense, but they also need to be able to move around the field quickly. A perfect shin guard is one that offers maximum protection but not bulky to hinder their movement.

For forwards, agility is key, with fewer tackles expected. The key here is to ensure there is ample protection and that the shin guards are light not to weigh down on the player’s speed.

Goalkeepers experience the least tackles, although this does not eliminate the need for shin guards. For top performance, the selected shin guard must be extremely lightweight but capable of providing ample protection in the event of a tackle.

When choosing the shin guard you want to buy, remember first to consider the position and determine whether the shin guard you are holding meets your position’s need.

Height of the player

People are of different heights. Different heights mean that players will have varying shin lengths. One common mistake that people make when buying a shin guard is basing their shin guard choice on the size of the jersey they wear. Wearing an XL jersey does not mean that you can wear your friend’s shin guard, who also wears an XL jersey.

The choice of the shin guard should be based on an individual’s height. A perfect guard is one that starts just inches from the knee and slightly above the ankle. As such, this height can vary even in players wearing the same jersey size, making it impossible to have a one-size-fits-all for the best shin guard for people of a particular jersey size.

Width of your leg

You do not want a shin guard that does not fit into your shin, nor do you want a guard that is too wide that you have to adjust it when in the field continually. The right shin guard should be one that molds comfortably onto your legs such that from the front view, it seems as having covered your whole leg. While it is possible to use your hands to curve the shin guard to fit the width of your leg, this process has the possibility of breaking the shin guard altogether. The key to ensuring you have the perfect width is by trying on the shin guard before purchasing it.


Comfort of the player while in the field is of paramount importance as well. When deciding on the shin guard to buy, one key factor to consider is the accompanying accessories. These include items such as shin guard tape, shin guard stays, ankle guards, and shin guard sleeves.

It would be best to consider which accessories best suits your needs and whether the selected shin guard allows the incorporation of the accessory. This is especially important when deciding on the different types of shin guards, as these will determine the accessory that can be used together with the shin guard. Therefore consider whether the way you want your shin guard to be held in position on your leg and then consider when the selected type of shin guard allows that.

When all is said and done, the ultimate choice depends on the individual buying the shin guard. If it is any reprieve, any consideration should be based on your individual needs as a player. The shin guard should serve to give you an aura of confidence while in the field to bring out that stunning performance that you so want without having to worry much about stray tackles to your shin.

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